My first blog

I thought I’d start with my top 3 tips on relationships for 2020. Obviously we have been going through a pandemic which has been tough for relationships. Since lockdown was eased in my city, people have once again been able to go on dates and meet potential partners.

Here are my top 3 tips for dating in 2020:

  1. Be open to new date ideas. We can’t exactly be doing the same type of dates as we could do before lockdown, so if he or she suggests something you have not done before, then take the leap!
  2. Be prepared to use online dating. There are plenty of good dating apps and websites out there beyond tinder that you can use to meet new people, I suggest you find one that you like using and give online dating a chance in 2020.
  3. Have fun! This one is key. We may go into a lockdown again in the near future, so have as much fun as you can while it lasts and go into dates with an open mind, you may only have so many dates before it is a no go again.

Happy dating everyone in 2020!